5 Supplements for Energy and Fighting Fatigue

5 Supplements for Energy and Fighting Fatigue

Are you constantly complaining of feeling tired and exhausted? Do you need an afternoon coffee to get through the day? Do you wake in the morning feeling groggy and unrested? Obviously, eating a well-balanced diet, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep are important to maintain your natural energy levels. But sometimes these just aren't enough, especially when life feels crazy. Fortunately, there are many supplements that can help you feel energized throughout the day.

Vitamin B12

B12 is essential to the body's energy production, helping transform the food you eat into energy for your cells to use. It can also benefit bone health, mood and maintaining healthy skin and hair. While B12 is naturally found in many animal proteins, is fairly common to become deficient. Pure's B12 Liquid Drops are highly absorbable and also in the form of Methylcobalamin, which can be helpful to those that genetically hard time converting b12 in their bodies.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is necessary for allowing our muscles to work properly and increase energy levels.  Vitamin D has an impact on mitochondria of the body, the "power stations" within each cell. Supplementing with Vitamin D can increase vitality, immune system health, and mood. Check with your doctor and get your current vitamin D levels tested in order to determine exactly how much Vitamin D to supplement with. Xymogen's Vitamin D liquid allows for great absorption and customizable dosing.

ATP Ignite

Sometimes fatigue hits us despite our best nutritional and supplemental choices. Xymogen's ATP Ignite drink powder, is a great option for those needing immediate energy. Whether it is for a workout, an event, or traveling, ATP Ignite provides a combination of B vitamins, electrolytes, trace minerals, amino acids, herbs and antioxidants to fuel your body's energy production. Both Berry and Citrus flavors taste great, and easily dissolve in water. Xymogen utilizes a patented form of Caffeine, called Purenergy™, that may be absorbed more slowly and stay in your system longer than regular caffeine. With only 5g of carbs and zero sugar per serving, this a great alternative to a sugary energy drink.


Fatigue and lack of energy can frequently stem from stress. Orthomolecular's Adren-All works to support normal adrenal function during stress and fatigue. It combines vitamins and adaptogenic herbs to aid the body's resistance to fatigue and in maintaining balanced cortisol and DHEA levels. Adrnenall capsules can also be used to improve mental and physical performance.


Multivitamins are a useful multi-faceted source of vitamins and minerals to help fill the gaps between what your diet alone is providing. PhytoMulti is a professional-grade supplement aimed at supporting cellular health and overall wellness. It contains a proprietary blend of 13 concentrated extracts and phytonutrients. A multi-vitamin may be a better option than reaching for coffee, and contains certain vitamins and minerals that your cells require. A multi-vitamin can also help with stress, immune health, and aging.

We recommend working with a qualified Practitioner to better understand the underlying causes of your fatigue and to find a protocol that best suits your needs.


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