The Alive and Well Commitment

Dedicated to a Higher Standard

Supplements and skincare are an under-regulated industry…so we went over the top with our standards and vetting process. Please meet The Alive and Well Commitment. Trust and confidence in supplements start here.

We devote time to researching the ingredients and manufacturing process of every supplement, skincare, and healthy body product on our shelves—giving you total peace of mind. Everything you need, all in one mindfully vetted marketplace. 

It’s time to truly be Alive and Well.

  • We thoroughly vet each product for purity and quality.

    Alive and Well requires all supplement brands to undergo a formal qualification process to evaluate procedures and activities related to the manufacturing of products. They need to complete our Vendor Quality Assurance (VQA) Verification of their practices for high-quality, safe, and reliable dietary supplements. Brands must also verify their products are 3rd party tested by NSF or USP-certified manufacturers. If they make this cut, our team of experts puts each product through a final round of rigorous vetting.

  • We obsess over the ingredients.

    We will never compromise. This is why we made a Never List of ingredients that will never, ever be found in our products. We also never trust brands with vague words like “other natural flavors” or “fragrance” in their ingredients list. Only brands that provide complete transparency about their sourcing and processing will be found on our shelves.

  • We seek out the most efficacious, researched, and science-backed formulas.

    Scientific rigor and nature’s assurance—in every single product. All of our brand’s science-backed ingredients and formulas are applauded by doctors and practitioners. 

    You can rest assured that your product only contains the listed ingredients at the strength indicated.

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