Sleep Supplements Containing Phenibut Prohibited per the FDA

Sleep Supplements Containing Phenibut Prohibited per the FDA

The ingredient phenibut (4-amino-3-phenylbutyric acid HCl), frequently found in sleep supplements, has recently been discontinued for use as a dietary supplement in the United States per the FDA.

In order to be completely compliant with FDA guidelines, we are unable to carry any products containing the ingredient phenibut.

The following products are discontinued, until further notice from the FDA:

  • Neuroscience Kavinace
  • Neuroscience Kavinace Ultra PM
  • Neuroscience Kavinace Flash Ease
  • Neurobiologix Pro-Gad Enhancer
  • Smart Nutrition No Worries
  • Neurogistics GABA+
  • What are Alternate Sleep Support Products?

    We understand that many of you rely on these sleep products and need alternatives. Please contact our Wellness Consultants to discuss options and alternatives that will work best for you!

    Phenibut is similar in structure to the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which also has a calming effect on the neuron activity in the brain. CBD oil and melatonin also have been shown to been shown to support optimal sleep. These products have not been affected by these recent FDA changes.

    Alternative Sleep Support:

    • Alive + Well: CBD Oil (call Apothecary to order: 512-351-9139)
    • MedTerra: CBD + Melatonin (call Apothecary to order: 512-351-9139)
    • Neuroscience: Alpha GABA PM
    • Source Naturals: NightRest w/ Melatonin
    • Pure Encapulations: Best Rest Formula
    • Neurobiologix: Neuro Night Essentials
    • Neurogistics: 5-HTP
    • Designs for Health: Insomnitol
    • Melatonin (Liquid, Spray or Capsule)
    • Energetix: Relax-Tone

    Keep in mind that sleep is a complex issue and is affected by multiple factors. Frequently sleep can be disrupted by neurotransmitter irregularity, hormone deficiency or cortisol mismanagement. You may consider lab testing to evaluate these factors if you continue to struggle with sleep issues.

    Our wellness team is happy to assist you and provide more information in order to provide you the best sleep support. Shop online for many of these products!

    Visit us today at Hill Country Apothecary or call 512-351-9139 to speak to a wellness consultant!

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    Maddening the FDA has done this, no doubt because Phenibut actually works and is quite safe, resulting in no need to buy expensive prescription pharmaceuticals manufactured by companies with big lobbies and lots of $$$ with which to manipulate the government.

    Name First

    Thanks for the inquiries! Unfortunately since certain ingredients in the Kavinace have been pulled from the market, finding an exact replica would be difficult. In the meantime, trying some of the alternative sleep support and other combination formulas listed at the end of the blog has worked for some. Everyone is a bit different based off of what is working for them so feel free to give us a call at 512-351-9139 or drop by if you have any specific questions about the formulas or finding a good for you!

    HCA Wellness Team

    I’ve used Neuroscience Kavinace Ultra PM and it worked great. Now that it is off the market what is a similar product. Please help!


    Thank you for your information about the Kavinace and alternative sleep supplements. Do you have any alternatives for the kavinace…not taken for sleep disturbance?

    Stacey Weise

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